Experiential activities

Creativity means inventing, experimenting, growing, breaking the rules and having fun

We lead our customers to cultivate the land, to walk along the most important Italian routes, to prepare new dishes, to know our eno-gastronomic specialties, to paddle, to create an object starting from few resources which otherwise would have been discarded, to know secrets and traditions of the territory that hosts the event.

Object Design


Designing an object starting from few materials available, also intended to be discarded, and participating with creativity lowers the barriers and sets the basis for more functional informal relationships, generating a life experience which can be conveyed into our customary work. During the conception and design phases, individuals deploy their own abilities for the achievement of the final outcome. During this kind of experiences, commitment and concentration are too important, such that they exclude any further thought; individuals peculiarities are assimilated by the group.

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Taking private walks through historical centers and villages, with enogastronomic intermissions: the best way to know our beautiful country, while drinking a good glass of wine and enjoying a typical dish of our culinary tradition.

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Company museums and production lines

We let our guests live a daydream, enjoying beauty and authenticity; what better way to win their loyalty?
This visits arouse well-being feelings which still last over time; through the storytelling of the company, we can learn new working techniques and methods to be employed at work.

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Observed Art...

We will be required to grasp details that often escape us in a work of art, but that are still important in a working process, with the aid of art historians and tour guides. In addition to the overall impression, artists also enhance the details, which make all the difference.

…and experienced

The education, through art, introduces a stranger element to the still existing business logics.
Moving from the business world to the artistic one, it’s easier to change our point of view and develop visions, functional to wellbeing and efficacy.

Face-to-face with nature

Discovering medicinal plants and herbs:
We will learn plants and herbs secrets, visiting the oldest botanical garden in the world and private gardens located in unforgettable architectural contexts.
Guided Paths:
An unforgettable event concerning the most beautiful Italian paths and routes; brief and easy itineraries to get in touch with the natural, artistic and cultural wonders offered by our beautiful country.
How to make organic wine:
A day with an entrepreneur who makes wine according to techniques already used by the ancient Romans: the wine is transferred into terracotta amphorae and is punched down daily; there is no temperature control and no added yeasts or sulfur dioxide. By following the rhythm of the seasons and lunar phases, the work of nature is left as unchanged as possible, restoring all the grape’s richness to the palate.
Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi sessions:
Attending lessons in a wood or park, relaxing in a different place, surrounded by greenery, to free our mind and learn how to focus on the daily working priorities; an alternative way to apply an innovative method and approach to the daily schedule.

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