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In vino veritas

Nowadays, more than ever, people are particularly interested in enogastronomic restoration, a real focal point within each single event. Excellent food and wine let guests start appreciating all the conviviality which comes about, especially after a stressful working day.
Relationships develop, strengthen and intensify; it’s thanks to this peaceful atmosphere that everyone can be himself without superstructures.


Work in fields follows the biorhythm and lunar phases, we will start our trip early and with enthusiasm, going to a farm in which we will have to show all our ability to become “farmers for a day”, playing in different teams. At midmorning breakfast is highly recommended, in order to better face the rest of the day, which will be full of adventures and surprises. Guests will also have the opportunity to interview the owners, and later watch a local cooking performance; the most careful, active, innovative team will be rewarded.


Tours to wine cellars with tastings, together with specialist enologists and sommeliers, unforgettable scenarios and contexts, which will be impressed in the participants’ memory.
Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to spend one day together with an entrepreneur who makes wine according to techniques already used by the ancient Romans: transferring wine into terracotta amphorae and punching it down as usual, excluding temperature control and addition of yeasts or sulfur dioxide.
By following the rhythm of the seasons and lunar phases, the work of nature is left as unchanged as possible, restoring all the grape’s richness to the palate.

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Kitchen is intended as a space in which developing relational and orienteering skills. A special room, where the food metaphor helps to meditate on our peculiarities and operability. Each team will receive a prize but the challenge won’t be so easy: participants will be requested to make all the dishes in a short time and as best as they can, still having fun and trying to achieve their fixed purposes!
We will also learn about the Green Cuisine, discovering food properties, today’s common nutrition mistakes, natural food, nutrition combinations, fruits and vegetables, aromatic plants, cereals, fats and energizing, fermented, protein-based, special food.

Street Food

We start from villages and historical centers to discover the enogastronomic traditions of restaurants, in which conviviality arises from a good glass of wine and a sandwich, or, as we say in venetian, “goto e cicchetto”…


In addition to enogastronomic tours, we have specialized in cooking lessons with original dialectical explanations and wine tastings.

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