Hotels and convention centers

Hotels are a focal point for the good outcome of a successful event

Over the years, we have stipulated strong agreements with the major local hotel chains, as well as independent hotels, and held events in the main convention centers.
We strive to make them suitable to our customers’ needs, in synergy with the players involved.

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Albergo Diffuso

Albergo Diffuso, original “made in Italy” accommodation model, which is recently growing fast. Its continuous and constant growth is mainly due to the close attention of that branch of tourism demand towards topics related to the environmental sustainability, proposed by some accommodations. Here we find the true nature of this kind of accommodation, the “Paese Albergo”, where small historical centers, ancient villages, or rural/upland settlements are more favored.

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Exhibition Halls

We have held successful events in the main Exhibition Halls: venues for events where wide exhibition spaces and multiple meeting rooms are requested simultaneously.


The concept of hospitality is radically changing, as well as the world, guests should not only feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place, but should find the maximum comfort in an enjoyable, functional accommodation, ensuring availability and paying attention to the individual needs.

Private and historical residences

For small groups, to unite people, create a team and team up, to strengthen and develop new relationships; we have planned events in private residences, villas, castles and private apartments. These locations are situated in historical centers, as well as in the countryside or by the sea, surrounded by beauty, in particular contexts which lower working conventional barriers building close-knit teams.

B&B, Farm Holidays and Farms

For small groups, for an informal approach, to team up, to create a sense of belonging and make customers feel part of the context in which they stay, with the aid of creative activities related to the territory. Together with the storytellers of the territory, we will find the owner ready to guide us in its world, like no other.

Convention centers…

We have held successful events in the main convention centers, not only in the hotels’ meeting rooms but also in some unconventional locations situated in easy to reach sites. convention centers

According to the single needs, we can build ad-hoc convention centers designing them from scratch or using locations to be equipped, decorated, customized and truly transformed.

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