Passion for music

We are music experts, we plan concerts worldwide in locations of great emotional impact since more than 30 years.
Bands, orchestras, operas, jazz, musicals and operettas, historical and local characters , street artists, all the participants will assume the role of musicians or actors.
We can plan different forms of entertainment, according to periods or event locations.


We offer entertainment shows during corporate events with the aim of capturing the imagination of all the guests.

In collaboration with our partners, we structure the customized performance to obtain the desired result: create an exciting atmosphere where the partecipants feel proud of be part of your Company. All this is possible through a customized work based on the needs – of time, space and goals – of the customer.

Escape Room

Finding commitment, sense of belonging and sharing in a room where teams will be “imprisoned” for a maximum of 90 minutes.
Escape Room is a friendly game which is well-known in the major Italian cities and where players test their own intuition abilities, here we have turned it into a surprising instrument for engaging and testing teamwork skills. There are different scenarios often in line with the ER host location.

A great and professional set design combined with enigmas, riddles, tests measuring knowledge and reactions to particular (and maybe) impressive situations, the right mix between technology and fiction, drawing from the filmography of all times.
Moreover, a WILD format which will take place outdoor, in a wood or somewhere similar, for a successful result in terms of excitement and surprise.

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Musical experiences

Considering orchestras as a model of teamwork, integration, cooperation, attention and mutual respect.
A creative, energizing, deep, and engaging experience for everyone!
Suitable also for large groups (until 250 people) wishing to live a funny, immersive and exciting experience, spreading at the same time the main topics of the business meeting (either educational and business purposes or launching of campaigns or products…).
In the blink of an eye, rhythms and sounds rise together, favoring the creation of a great teamwork.

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Drum Circle

The Drum Circle is a funny and engaging experience in which participants will play together drums and all types of percussion, guided by facilitators that will help them becoming a real percussion orchestra.
The group will become a living model of teamwork in a short time, applying creativity, learning to listen and express ourselves respecting others, integrating and enhancing differences.
This activity can also include singing, body percussion, African polyrhythms or samba, musical moments and small bands with final performances.
In the final Drum Circle arena, participants will be requested to conduct the percussion orchestra, applying the simple leadership and teamwork principles, previously modeled by the Drum Circle facilitator.

Business storytelling in music

We will lead the teams to compose their song, turning them into music and words that express their vision, identity, values and common purposes.
After an initial facilitation work and focus on keywords, the groups will choose: musical genre, time, style for composing strophes, special and refrain.
With the aid of a professional musician, participants will quickly find the right melody and will make up the whole song in a short time, later singing and playing it all together with percussion.
A great and funny experience that can become a real business song to be used as soundtrack during other meetings or educational moments, or as soundtrack of internal/external communication projects.
At the end of this experience, participants will receive audio and video of their song.

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