Unusual locations

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From historical hangars to wine cellars, from aristocratic properties to industrial architectures, we offer any kind of location which makes the event unforgettable.

Estates, palaces, villas and historical residences

The owners of the Historical residences welcome us describing their own family history and products for which they are known, leading us along a sensorial and artistic journey. The local storytellers will guide us in their territory like no other.

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For small groups, the number of people interested in trying this type of experience is increased.
Lighthouses have always been a reference point for the maritime navigation; for example, the Alessandria lighthouse has been defined one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
In Italy, there is a beautiful location open all year long with suites, two small apartments and a single room; at night, we can admire the starry sky thanks to a nice glass window placed on the roof. The lighthouse has also a lovely swimming pool, whirlpools, internet points and beaches reachable on foot.

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Event locations

Born from industrial archaeology sites, villas and historical residences, institutional and unconventional meeting rooms. According to the demands and needs and to the place that hosts the event, we’re able to offer various solutions, always different and successful.

Industrial archaeology sites

We can learn multiple aspects from a past activity, we will use this unusual location that will be equipped and customized according to each guests ‘ advices, who will become main characters and not simple viewers.

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Unconventional meeting rooms...

We offer: ships, cinemas, theaters, wine cellars, farmlands, castles and private residences, farms, deconsecrated abbeys, art galleries, tensile structures in unusual contexts. As well as meeting rooms of other private companies where the approach and study of their case history can help to develop unusual considerations.

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...and institutional

We have cooperated with the most important institutional realities which have allowed us to organize events in architectural jewels located in urban and suburban contexts. Universities, regions, districts, museums and company head offices…


Original hangars, in which we will learn the host company production process, surrounded by history, beauty and strong emotions. Hangars often safeguard relic museums, which remind us how much we can learn from past, to improve and evolve.

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