Team Building

How can you be a team if you don’t start as a group first?

Good practices to improve that emphasize the single person and its own skills and expertise, projects where everyone can become either a teacher or a student and highlight the single abilities for the collective result; all working for the same purpose.


We break away from our own comfort zone to self-improve, learn from others and find out new aspects of ourselves, whether individual or in a working team. Great ideas and new motivations always arise from teething troubles. The team building activity is not considered as a worthless moment within a single event, but an opportunity to fix new challenges and purposes, to improve our own performances and increase those of the working team.
An unforgettable moment for the participants, which will be shared with joy even after many years. Our strength, thanks to our experience, is mixing wisely: ability, development, improvisation, scheduling and implementation; through our determination, dedication, participation and final satisfaction. All our team-building activities are tested and approved by us.

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We’re all something of an artist, “One, no one and one hundred thousand”, we just need to figure it out! Planning a show in few hours is a big challenge: excitement and entertainment are assured; through our support, even the more shy person will overcome the stage fright, after all, who has never dreamed in life of becoming an actor or a singer for a day?

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Individuals measure themselves by their own determination, willpower and skills for the achievement of a single or collective purpose. Sport activities allow us to live an important team experience, able to recall, even after so much time, a strong team spirit, bringing unexpected benefits to the company. Living strong emotions within the group strengthens relationships and fosters the interpersonal communication, simplifying relationships, trust and well-being among participants.


Nature offers an exclusive scenario for the individual and team development, funny outdoor competitions for testing teams away from the working context. Physical, intellectual, imagination and adaptability tests with the support of few elements, surrounded by take-breathing landscapes.

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We break away from our daily life to enter a world that takes us back to our childhood without schemes or superstructures. Through art, observed and lived directly in the cities ‘ centers or in workshops and laboratories, we can develop visions and actions of strong impact on the group and individuals. Education, through art, introduces a foreign element to the still existing business logic. Moving from the business context to the artistic one, it’s easier to change our point of view and develop visions, functional to well-being and efficacy.

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Team Building

The team deploys its own abilities and skills to reach a common purpose, having fun at the same time. The team building activity is particularly helpful within a newly formed group to establish trust and empathy among its members, to rediscover enthusiasm and cooperation and to regain the proper approach to problem resolution.

Culinary emotion

Not a simple cooking lesson or wine tasting, we start from a clump of dirt to discover the chain that leads us to one of the undeniable pleasures of life: eating good food and drinking good wine. Building the group between commitment and levity, creatively participating in the preparation of cocktails or dishes, lowers the barriers and sets the basis for more functional and informal relationships, generating a life experience which can be conveyed into our customary work.

Social engagement

Feeling good about ourselves, by assisting others; doing some wholehearted good is the key to giving up our daily roles and masks. In this kind of team building we’re all on the same level, there aren’t neither roles nor uprightness but harmony and willingness. A unique and great experience to strengthen personal ties, to lay the groundwork for the new ones and to work in a team effectively and efficiently.


Leaving the comfort zone to self-improve and make progress by drawing from new working techniques, by means of good training activities supported by professional coaches, to develop and to better improve the group performances. We are required to leave behind energies, which emotionally overburden us, to channel them towards motivation, passion and pro activity. This experience aims to re-awaken our own potential, often numbed by the routine.

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