Unusual tours

Unforgettable emotions

We will lead you to the discovery of unforgettable places, museums with special openings just for you, with the aid of a well-established network of art historians and tour guides.


Explora shall be considered the best program, especially designed for customers who want to visit historical centers, discover local secrets and stop hard work. The typical and so-called “Caccia al Tesoro” (Treasure Hunt) is enriched with a tailor-made project designed for each customer and recreational activities such as Orienteering and Geocaching (use of GPS tracker). Each player will receive a customized quality manual and treasure hunt tools, photo safari included. All this will take place in an adequate area (near to the meeting venue) or in a cultural-historical place of interest.
Players will face different challenges in which they will be required to interact with local people, meet mysterious characters providing them information, do interviews, and play cleverly. Possible results: creation of the front page of a newspaper with all the information collected, or an iconographic map with images printed in-situ. In the end, the players will be likely rewarded according to their team activities.

Art and Wine…

We have devised in Venice the best way to discover a city: the “bacaro tour”. Moments devoted to enogastronomic tastings in historical centers, guided by local guides.

...Art and food

Together with local tour guides, we will analyze some works of art in which the main subject is food and then we will move towards a typical local bar for a themed wine tasting. At the end of the evening, every single guest will be asked to write a summary about the day’s activities and whoever will show the greatest imagination, originality and concision will be rewarded by the restaurateur.

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Enogastronomic Tour

Discovering places, attended by local citizens, where shopping is handed down from generation to generation, as well as the retail activity.
We will take you to wine cellars and farms to really learn what farm-to-table is.
Food and wine traditions will let you live an emotional experience and enjoy the uniqueness of the place. Get ready for a sensorial experience.

Museums and galleries with special openings

Private tours to museums and galleries with special openings make events unforgettable.
Guests will admire masterpieces of art located in important venues which made our country history, and will have the chance to admire these jewels, well described by our tour guides specialized in exclusive contexts.
An aperitif will conclude this amazing trip characterized by beauty.

Face-to-face with Leonardo da Vinci

A strange meeting with Messere Leonardo Da Vinci, which on the one hand will rouse, and on the other, will hamper the team, as it wishes to demonstrate its suitability based on its artistic and scientific knowledge.
First, Leonardo will be introduced to the team in a debunking way, making clear how the artist has always been short on team-working experience (metaphor).
The participants will compete in three disciplines: painting, engineering and anatomy: 1. Creating a great painting, copy of one Leonardian masterpiece; 2. Building Leonardian machines, starting from his innovative projects and using waste materials; 3. Sketching anatomic subjects just like Leonardo did, by means of photography exercises: in the post-production phase, pictures will be modified for making them similar to one of the Leonardian illustrations.
We would like to define it as a creative and decompression activity, always carried off humorously by an actor playing the part of Leonardo da Vinci.
This kind of activities can be customized with themes of business interest; furthermore, the participants will receive some gadgets, like cards with draws and famous aphorisms by Leonardo.

Thrill of flight

Tours to the major army bases with special permissions, the headquarter of the Frecce Tricolori in Rivolto (Udine), tours to the exclusive “Museo Volante” located in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), to the “Caproni Museum” in Trento, to the “Volandia Museum” in Somma Lombardo (Varese) and to “Museo dell’Aviazione” in Rimini. Accessible paths by helicopter, flying over unusual and breathtaking landscapes and balloon rides.

Emotions on the road

The Motor Valley is located in Emilia Romagna, where, by driving two-or-four-wheeled vehicles, we will have the opportunity to know who have made the sectorial Made in Italy synonymous with worldwide excellence. Moreover, we propose to vintage cars lovers one Show Store Room  in Reggio Emilia, strongly desired by a Chairman and his co-workers, sharing with him the passion for vintage cars and motorcycles. A collection, constantly evolving, of original objects, perfectly safeguarded and restored.
A setting in motion, a roar and a journey in perfect harmony with our own personality.

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I love shopping

We’re paying special attention to the historical boutiques, which are real jewels located in ancient architectural contexts. Museo del costume, Museo della calzatura, Museo del gioiello are just some of the proposals we offer to our guests.

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Italian Handcraft

Discovering ateliers handed down from generation to generation, where each peace is hand made by skillful artists. Ideas conception and implementation, accuracy, details care and patience are all metaphors that we than can find in our working life.

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